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Jennifer Testa was born, raised and continues to live on Long Island, New York.


She is a devoted wife of a musician and dedicated mother to another generation of developing musicians.  She herself is not without musical abilities.


Her artwork reflects the humor and antics of living with a musician, his band, their jam sessions and the gigs that are all part of her Famous Musician.


Although the characters in her cartoons are not a direct correlation to the musical people in her life, many similarities and situations are not always coincidental.


 The Famous Musician   -   by J. A. Testa



Jazz, Punk or Fusion,

    The band's really movin’,

        Their energy amplifies the tunes that they play.


The fans are approvin’ the beat they are groovin’

    No doubt they’re provin’ that this sound will stay.


The Famous Musician goes up for his solo.

    He lays down a lick -- fans go nuts in the front row!


The scene is surreal, a feeling every show brings

    Consumed by the electric vibration of strings.


At the crash of the cymbals, the finale they trust

    Motivates the ovation from fans

        What a rush!


Light starts to fade at the concerts completion.

    Peace Out and Good Night

        from the Famous Musician.